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Burns Church from Backbrae.

Burns Church-Howe Road

Burns old Parish today



Thank you for taking time to access our website. We hope that what you read here will make you want to come along to see and hear more about us.

Last year we celebrated 200 years of worship and service to the local community and beyond.

This year we have exciting times ahead as we look forward to a new Ministry.

It may be that

  • you are new to the area and have come to live in one of the new housing developments and are looking for a church to call home.
  • you may have lived here all your life and would like to be part of a church family.
  • you may have been a regular attender at one time but circumstances have been such that you have not been along for a while.

Please be assured that whatever your circumstances you will be warmly welcomed. The Sunday Service starts at 11 a.m. and there is a warm invitation for you to join us. After the service there is an opportunity to meet up in the hall for a chat over tea and coffee. There are also a number of weekday activities you may be interested in from our What's On page.

We see these as exciting times and we would be really happy if you decided to come along to share this journey.  We are a very active church which supports local and worldwide needs.

Look forward to seeing you very soon.

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Sunday 9th April

Palm Sunday Service, Twechar Parish Church  11:00 am

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Thursday 13th April

Communnion Service, Kilsyth Anderson Parish Church  7:30pm

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Friday 14th April

Walk of Witness,  St. Patrick Church  10:00 am

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Good Friday Service, Burns and Old Parish Church 7:30pm

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Sunday 16th April

Prayer Meeting in Creche Hall - 10:15 - 10:30am

Easter Sunday Service - 11:00am 


Check our progress here 

Please visit our contact page if you need more information or directions